Surviving the lockdown

It's no surprise that the video production industry has been hit hard down by the COVID-19 lockdown in South Africa. We are constantly hearing about people with years and years of experience in everything from camera work to producing and directing, finding themselves completely without work. We've been very lucky at Summertime, as we had work on the go and in post-production when the lockdown hit. We'll be okay. But I wonder what our industry will look like when the dust settles?

Once again, we are grateful to have very low overheads, and an amazing team of talented freelancers, rather than a lot of employees. That allows us to adapt quickly, batten down the hatches, and survive even such a storm as this one. But we sure will be thrilled when this is all over! In the meantime, Sean has been turning his considerable talents to shining a light on the Viva Melville Food Project, which we started as soon as the lockdown took hold. Currently, we are feeding 400 families every week, with parcels that will feed a family of 4 for a week. One way or another, Summertime Productions is staying busy and - well - productive!