Video isn’t the whole story

Every now and then, I meet someone with whom I just connect, mostly because I believe in what they are doing. No matter what our rate card says, I’m likely to agree to helping out, whether it’s on the video production side, or in other things. This last week, I agreed to be the MC for a small function for Edu-Link, based here in Johannesburg. I thoroughly enjoyed the day, getting to meet other educators, some of whom I have known by phone for years, but had never yet put faces to. And each speaker was inspiring and interesting in some way. I was supposed to be making a short highlights video of the day, but of course, that’s hard to do if you’re the MC! So I organised the services of one ‘AB’, a bright young thing who definitely knows his way around a Canon 5D. The venue (33 Melville Road in Illovo) was spectacular, full of colour and interest for the camera. For once, I was on the other side of the camera, and here’s a picture to prove it!