What’s in store for 2016?

Last year was a busy one for SummerTime Productions. And it looks like 2016 is set to go the same way, with an interesting focus on NGO’s and the medical world already taking shape. That suits us very well, since we so enjoy being involved with projects tht have nation-building potential. In 2015, we had the pleasure of seeing the Difficult Caesareans video that we filmed at Baragwanath hospital being implemented all over the country in district hospitals. We got to spend time with amazing, dedicated people in education and the medical sector, and worked with other talented production people, filming behind the scenes for an Investec marketing campaign.

It was a varied, challenging, exciting year. And now that 2016 has rolled around, we’re about to pack up our cameras and video editing suites, and will be heading to Margate to film the tough, admirable work of the Hospice people down there. Thankfully, since we’ll be going into ‘deep rural’ areas once again, we’ve traded our little Kia for a more robust Land Rover, so our pilgrimages in video making should be a lot more comfortable!

Right now, we are also wrapping up a video campaign for Save The Children SA, and working with a new brand of private schools, whose vision for excellence inspires us. It was at one of their schools that we got to use the new DJI Phantom drone for the first time last year, and we expect to be putting it through its paces all over the place this year, getting awesome aerial shots for a fraction of the price that a helicopter would cost. This really broadens what we can offer our clients – and it’s just plain fun to use!

We hope all our clients – past, present and future – are as excited about the New Year as we are. South Africa may be going through some tough stuff, but there are countless people of good heart doing awe-inspiring things to make life better for all of us – and hopefully, we’ll be right there to capture those moments on video.