Why we love making NGO videos

Without particularly meaning to, over the years we have built a number of relationships with NGO’s and parastatals. These include Save the Children SA, South Coast Hospice, the Phenduka Literacy Project, PATH, RMCH and many others. I say “without meaning to”, because our advertising has not actively sought these kinds of clients. But in a cosmic way, it appears that you really do attract what you love…

And we love making videos for NGO’s. There is something so wonderful about being able to use the skill set that you have to help others make a positive difference in the world. Knowing that these video productions have purpose, whether that be educational, or to raise funds for good projects, or to report back to the sponsors, adds a whole other layer of motivation to what we do.

Usually, working with NGO’s also means that we will be called on to use our creativity, stretch the old brain a little, come up with new and hopefully effective ways to communicate these important messages to the world. We get to know the workings of some pretty huge projects from the inside out, and travel all over to see them in action.

But all of that aside, the biggest reason why we love to produce videos for NGO’s, is simply the calibre of people that we meet and work with. We often say that we feel we live in a different country from the one most South Africans live in, because we see on a daily basis how ordinary (amazing), caring (incredibly dedicated) people are changing South Africa at a foundational level. We have the honour of temporarily walking side-by-side with the optimists, the warriors, the people who refuse to give up, who believe in a better future for all of us. That challenges me, inspires me, and comforts me. I hope we can be the visual communicators for these great people for years to come.