clips and reels

SummerTime Productions is a small company built on a big foundation. We have extensive experience in multimedia production, for a wide variety of corporate, government and private clients.These are some of the categories that we have produced for clients past and present

Educational videos

learning comes to life

We’ve been producing award-winning educational material for a decade. From live shows, to DVD’s, to radio, it’s all in the creative mix that makes education come alive. Watch the clips below to see how creativity and information can – and SHOULD – combine. We’re always excited to have the opportunity of making learning live… Do you have something important you need to get across? CONTACT US now!

CCAC Art Installation

Nal'ibali - Sefako and the Singing Crocodile

Save the Children – Our Voices

Pioneer Secondary School

Pioneer Junior School

Matthew Goniwe School of Leadership and Governance – RCL

Phenduka Literacy Project

I CREATION Vienna Boys’ Choir Music Study Tour, Austria

Eat Learn Live

Writers: Paul Rowlston and Tanya Gardiner
Executive Producer: Tanya Gardiner
Director: Marc Rowlston, Pulp Films
Produced and Edited by Pulp Films, Johannesburg

University of Johannesburg

Freaky Science

The live production, an award-winning show that teaches the scientific method, was written by Tanya. Sean was the Line Producer for the filmed mini-documentary.
Filmed and edited by Charles Meadows, incubatevideo

Three Ring Circus SHOWREEL 2008/2009

All the shows in this showreel for the well-known edutainment company, 3RC, were written and produced by Tanya, as was this showreel.
Additional footage and video editing: Sean Gardiner