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SummerTime Productions is a small company built on a big foundation. We have extensive experience in multimedia production, for a wide variety of corporate, government and private clients.These are some of the categories that we have produced for clients past and present

Medical Videos

instructional & promotional

SummerTime Productions has had the privilege of working closely with the Department of Health, Health Systems Trust, RMCH (Reproductive, Maternal and Child Healthcare), Jhpiego, Netcare and others, to create informative teaching videos, healthcare programme reviews and hospital walk-throughs. Below are some of the MEDICAL videos we have filmed and produced in the last couple of years.

We have a great deal of experience working in hospitals, and in operating theatres, and understand the need to balance filming requirements with patient needs. CONTACT US for a detailed quote.

WARNING: Some of the clips below contain GRAPHIC content of surgeries and medical procedures. Not suitable for children or sensitive people!

Difficult Caesarean Sections (filmed at the Chris Hani Baragwanath Academic Hospital)

Wits Donald Gordon Radiology Oncology

CHAI - How to take a pap smear

RMCH Review 2015

South Coast Hospice

Dorsal Slit Male Circumcision (for Jhpiego, affiliated to Johns Hopkins)

Netcare Rehabilitation Hospital (Auckland Park, Johannesburg)